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KEYSCAN Launches the Next Generation in Access Control Systems

access control management software. System VII software runs on the new Microsoft Vista™ and
Windows 7 operating systems. It offers a whole new look for access control with high resolution
interface and multi-monitor capability. Installers, Security Directors and end-users alike will enjoy
access control that delivers “Sophistication without Complication”™.

System VII utilises the robust SQL Server 2005 Express database platform, providing System VII with
twice as much historical data logging than its predecessor and more than enough historical data for
all but the largest access control implementations. For organisations requiring a corporate wide
access control solution and who need full SQL, System VII provides a database upgrade utility to
implement SQL Workgroup or SQL Enterprise database.

KEYSCAN has re-defined product evolution with System VII. It built on the System V software platform,
already industry renowned for its reliability, ease of use and saleability, and improved on it with System

System VII boasts the same ease of use that System V offered but the comparison stops there.
System VII takes off with high powered features, functions and utilities that provide access control
integrators with limitless possibilities. Whether solving access control issues for the smallest building
or for organisations with hundreds of doors covering multiple sites, in any number of cities, System VII
is equipped to surpass both the security integrator’s and end-user’s expectations.

As KEYSCAN’s President John Dyall states;
“As an organisation we have always endeavored to deliver high value, feature rich access control
solutions with built-in saleability and reliability. With System VII this tradition continues as System VII
provides limitless expansion capabilities, with what we feel is the cleanest user interface in the
industry. The launch of System VII sends a clear message that KEYSCAN has a world class access
control solution for small, medium and enterprise wide implementations.”

System VII provides a myriad of standard access control features, such as user selectable languages,
e-mail or cell phone alarm alerts, interactive maps, etc. Also included are highly specialised but critical
functions that make it an extremely powerful tool to protect people, assets and property.

System VII offers active mapping, a feature that allows end users to create maps of their building(s)
and place active icons on the map to indicate CCTV cameras, door lock status, door contact status,
analog input status (such as motion detectors) and auxiliary outputs status (such as buzzers or strobe
lights). All of these icons respond real-time to system status providing the security director, guard or
end-user with a true graphical representation of their system. By clicking on a CCTV camera, System
VII calls up the live video for that physical CCTV location. The active mapping tool also allows for drill
down maps to effectively zoom in to detailed building areas.

Access control integrators and end-users particularly will enjoy the flexibility that System VII provides.
As an example System VII provides multi-monitor capability allowing for the creation of a true system
wide access control monitoring station. System VII’s main screen may be positioned on one monitor
while having CCTV running on a second monitor and active mapping displayed on another, if desired.
System VII provides an impressive display with logically placed information to suit any task.
While the base System VII installation provides PC to panel communications as an application, for
those organizations that intend to implement their access control solution in a true server based
environment System VII optionally provides database to panel communications running as a service.

KEYSCAN has demonstrated that it has considered the most detailed of requirements and engineered
them into System VII. Ultimately it has satisfied the requirements of large corporate entities while
maintaining the small to medium sized market with one high octane product offering. As a result
KEYSCAN’s System VII provides access control integrators with a product that bridges the market
spectrum while providing an impressive return on investment and extremely low life cycle costs.

System VII continues to provide modules such as photo badge creation, photo verification for positive
identification and a visitor management module for positive control and tracking of all personnel
visiting a user’s facility.

In the true spirit of integration System VII provides an impressive CCTV module in one easy to use
application. Both traditional and IP based camera’s can be utilised along with many major
manufacturer DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). Whether the CCTV platform is RS232, web-enabled or
DVR, KEYSCAN includes these camera-action and image retrieval features:
-On-screen and multiple camera commands for quick response.
-Fast retrieval of recorded CCTV images during a system triggered event such as a forced entry alarm.
-Automated camera recording of alarm events.

The impressive System VII access control management software provides access control integrators
with the tool to standout in the crowd and shine with an access control offering that is sure to impress.
End-users will benefit from an access control solution that delivers all the features and functions today
in one convenient package to protect their people, assets and property.

KEYSCAN quite simply provides the finest integrated access control system available on the planet –
System VII.

Reprint from IFSEC
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